Selections from upstreet

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Margarita Cárdenas, The Flamboyán, number one
Joyce A. Griffin, Michael Ryan, number three
Annie Breeding, The Downfall of the Reynal de St. Michels, number six
KC Kirkley, Everything is Negotiable, number nine
Janna Brooke Cohen, Picket, number ten
Robert Kerbeck, Breaststrokernumber eleven
Hugo Dos Santos, Runningnumber twelve
Brandon Haffner, The Rise and Fall of Phil Darrownumber thirteen
Joanne Sills,
Bag of Snakes, number fourteen
David Mizner, Party Mannumber sixteen


Creative Nonfiction

Kenneth Rapoza, Open Markets, number one
Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, Undercurrent, number two
Frank Tempone, Born Again, number three
Robin Underdahl, The Lovely Maiden Jumps into the Waters, number six
Linda Buckmaster, Becoming Memory, number eight
Emily Arnason Casey, Laughing Water, number nine
Abby Frucht, The Sugar Eater, number ten
Inara Verzemnieks,
Stay, number thirteen
Phillip Lopate,
Eros in the Classroom, number fourteen



Karen Chase, Arranging Books as Elegy, number one
Bill Zavatsky, Live at the Village Vanguard, number two
Patty Crane, Failing to Find the Hudson, number three
Stephen Ackerman, How to Touch a Woman, number four
Paul Hostovsky, A Woman Taking Off Her Shirt, number four
Judy Katz, First Reader, number six
Frances McCue, Turning to Ghosts in the Cemetery by the Sea, number seven
Jeffrey Harrison, Temple, number eight
Jesse Millner, I’d Rather be a Cowboy, number eight
Alison Jarvis, My Mother’s Cars, number ten
Alan Feldman,
Leverage, number eleven
Tony Hoagland, Trying to Keep You Happynumber eleven
Ted Kooser, By Flowing Waternumber twelve
Jason Koo, Death by LaGuardianumber thirteen
Frances Richey, The Gandy Dancersnumber thirteen
Mark Halliday, Elevator Momentnumber fourteen
D. Nurkse, Children at Twilightnumber fourteen
Denise Duhamel, Testimonynumber fifteen
Jessica Greenbaum, My Mother’s Yellow Summer Shirtnumber fifteen



Vivian Dorsel, A Conversation with Michael Martone, number four
Vivian Dorsel, A Conversation with Robert Olen Butler, number ten